Qualcomm Research Philadelphia

A division of the Fortune 100 company Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Qualcomm Research Philadelphia was established in February 2015, along with the acquisition of KMel Robotics. This growing team of researchers and engineers work on research, development, and commercialization of leading-edge technology for aerial vehicles and robotic systems. In addition to creating new capabilities, the team works closely with other organizations within Qualcomm to integrate Qualcomm’s wide range of world-class technology into the robotics domain.

KMel Robotics got noticed for their development of experimental robotics to find new research platforms for their quadrotors. The small robots get their name from the four different propellers that can spin at different speeds, enabling them to travel in any direction. The founding duo met while in a Penn Engineering graduate school program, and after obtaining their degrees, they moved only a short distance to build their ideas at Pennovation Works.

growing team of researchers and engineers aerial vehicles and robotic systems