PCI Ventures

The Penn Center for Innovation’s (PCI) mission is to empower ideas into becoming real world solutions that benefit society. As a one-stop-shop for all innovation and commercialization needs, PCI facilitates industry-sponsored research, corporate alliances, straight licensing, and new venture creation. Within PCI, PCI Ventures (PCIV) aims to maximize the potential of Penn’s pioneering research to the benefit of the university, the investigative team, and society in general through the creation and stimulus of entrepreneurial endeavors.  They provide a suite of products and services to incubate the development of early-stage technology-based businesses, as they make their way towards commercial success. PCIV actively seeks entrepreneurs to lead our companies and investors to provide funding for our portfolio of new ventures in development.

Since 2010, PCI Ventures has worked with more than 200 faculty and staff members, bringing their discoveries to the commercial market. PCI Ventures supports more than 60 companies and has collectively raised over $189 million in funding. PCI Ventures' portfolio includes companies across 8 verticals: Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health, Education, Information Technology, Materials, Robotics, and Therapeutics.

At Pennovation Works, PCI Ventures is surrounded and inspired by the innovative companies sharing the space. By connecting local entrepreneurs, investors and partners with Penn inventors, PCIV adds a powerful platform for a larger entrepreneurial ecosystem in greater Philadelphia and beyond. 

PCI Ventures Team 2022