Secret Sauce 201: How's, When's, and Why's of CDA/NDAs

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So you have the patents! Now what? How do you protect your proprietary, confidential information during the normal course of running a growing business?

Johnson and Johnson Innovation |JLABS, JPOD @ Philadelphia, and The University of Pennsylvania are pleased to present a lunchtime event with  IP expert Jay Coogan, an exectutive partner at DLA piper. We will cover an array of privacy and security considerations for your startup, and how to become an educated CEO who knows what to look out for going forward.

Topics will include:

·       Determining trade secrets versus intellectual property

·       How and when to employ CDA/NDAs

·       Identifying and securing valuable parts of your scaling or manufacturing process

·       Protecting your company while interviewing job candidates

·       Vetting potential investors, collaborators, and vendors without “spilling the secret sauce”

Come prepared with questions!


Wednesday, Oct 23 2019 – 11:30am to 4pm
Secret Sauce 201: How's, When's, and Why's of CDA/NDAs
Pennovation Center, 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue , Philadelphia, PA 19146

39.941722425758, -75.199505488484