Steppingstone Scholars @ Pennovation [event recap]

This summer Pennovation hosted a unique program that supports Philadelphia public school students and introduces them to the world of robotics and coding. Steppingstone Scholars offered two classes at Pennovation for high school students in July - a beginner's class for students who had never been exposed to coding or robotics, and an advanced class that opened new ideas and possibilities for students with some experience in those areas. Travis, a student in the Beginner's class had this to say about his experience, "I want to learn how to program because this technology is constantly evolving and advancing.  I want to be open to job opportunities related to mechanical work and this program allows me to achieve that." From the Advanced class, Jahzara had this to add, "I feel so excited to be here to get hands-on Java skills and learn more about STEM because it's always been a passion of mine.  I've always been interested in math and science, especially HTML code and computer science.  I love working to progress in my computer knowledge skills so that I can eventually teach myself more coding skills, and add my own interpretation to how I want to use this in my future career." Thanks for joining us at Pennovation, Steppingstone Scholars!


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