Announcing the 2023 Pennovation Accelerator Cohort

We are excited to announce the 2023 Pennovation Accelerator Cohort! The program's sixth summer officially kicked off on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023, with the launch of the program's first event.

The Pennovation Accelerator cohort companies represent a variety of industries ranging from health tech, to artificial intelligence, boba and more. The six-week curriculum will focus on making a solid pitch, from business model to storytelling, culminating in a Pitch Day on Wednesday, July 26th (register here).

It is a pleasure to introduce the nine companies:

BactTest is working on developing bacterial test kits for the common cold to address the overuse of antibiotics.

Blossom is developing a new stroke therapy tool that incorporates play and imagination. 

Guthrie AI is reimagining preconstruction by outsourcing and automating the $13B of redundant/time-consuming take-offs currently required by the RFP process.

LCKR is a rental platform that uses smart lockers to facilitate the exchange of hobby and sports equipment.

Medicratic is leveraging data and machine learning to bring speed, equity, and holistic review to medical education and admissions.

Orble is developing a fully "auteamatic" boba machine.

Pocket Scribe is working on an AI-powered dictation tool for physicians to help improve workflow and fight burnout.

Sonora is developing a beanie to improve the developmental outcomes of every NICU patient to pursue a brighter future.

Vertige is a mobile vertigo-tracking app bringing balance back to vertigo sufferers. Users can identify trends in their vertigo episodes by tracking behavioral and environmental factors. Once followed, weekly and bi-weekly reports can be shared with doctors and medical teams to help create a care plan.


2023 Accelerator Cohort logos