Netronix offers purpose-built telemetry hardware that allows remote sensors to report directly to our data centers via various communication channels (HSPA/HSPA+, GPRS, etc.). Data is captured and securely stored by Netronix’s servers and made available through Environet, an advanced hosted web-based application. Environet provides the end-user access to the data anytime, anywhere for real-time monitoring, analysis, and collaboration.

Netronix offers the most comprehensive turn-key solution on the market for monitoring remote 3rd party sensors - measuring everything from water quality and weather parameters to biochemical and nuclear parameters.

Netronix’s solution is fully scalable and allows remote monitoring anytime, anywhere for smaller projects using a single station in the field or large operations using thousands of individual stations that report data to Netronix’s data centers. The data is easily accessible from the web on your computer and mobile devices.

Netronix’s solution offers much more than basic remote monitoring and is not simply an integration of 3rd party hardware and software. It is a solution (hardware and software) that has been developed in house and incorporates sophisticated methods to make data transactions more reliable than any other solution in the market. And remember, our hardware, cloud, and online application are all in-house and owned by Netronix, so your data both moves and is hosted with complete security.

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